Our Honey

Oh Honey’s products are completely treatment free, which means that we don’t use any chemicals in the honey or in the beehives. Our honey is always 100% raw.

 Since Oh Honey’s honey is cold extracted and unfiltered, all the best and most valuable parts of the honey (for example, propolis and pollen) remain intact in our products.

 Conventionally produced honey is heated (pasteurized) and filtered, which makes its appearance clear (not cloudy) and delays its crystallization. Filtration removes pollen, while heat kills live enzymes. These processes not only remove valuable nutrients from the honey, but also destroy its more subtle flavors.

 Our honey will naturally crystallize over time to produce a smooth and spreadable texture. Conventionally produced "creamed" honey, on the other hand, is blended with crystals to obtain a creamy texture.

 Because our honey is produced in this natural way, it is chock-full of good stuff! There is some evidence that pollen-rich honey is successful in treating seasonal allergies. Propolis, a substance that bees use to seal their hives and protect them against parasites, has many health-enhancing properties and has been shown to be anti-carcinogenic.