8th Annual Organic Beekeepers Conference will be in Oracle, AZ on Feb 27-28th - Mar 1st, 2015

As the Organic Beekeepers yahoo.com discussion group has now grown in numbers to over 5700+ members, we have now put together our 8th annual meeting for an American Beekeepers Association, for beekeepers into clean Organic Beekeeping, to come together to associate for clean sustainable beekeeping with ZERO treatments, and getting off the artificial feeds, and off artificial breeding parameters, not in tandum with Nature.

Meeting to be held in Oracle, Arizona at the YMCA Triangle Y Ranch Campt and Retreat Center 27-28 Feb - 1 Mar 2015. Meeting will start Friday early afternoon with signing in, with Friday Night Hello's/Dinner,...run all day Saturday into eve, and thru late Sunday afternoon, with keynote presentations, general sessions, breakout sessions, hands on workshops, with 6 catered meals. Dinner for Friday night Hello's will also have speakers/movie. Vendoring welcomed with those attending (NO treatments/artificial feeds allowed sold for bees).

Speakers so far confirmed:

  • Don Downs (Apitherapy)
  • Sam Comfort (TBHs/singing/dancing)
  • Ramona Herboldsheimer (microbe update, Bkpg over the centuries)
  • Bruce Brown (CC Pollen/politics)
  • Laura Ferguson (Dir college Mellissae/International Natural Bkpg Fed)
  • Michael Bush (Breeding/Fld Mgt)
  • James Fearnley (UK Pollen/propolis)
  • Jacqueline Freeman (Relational Bkpg: How to be best friends with your bees.) Gerald Golgul (meade making, though no drinking allowed on site)
  • Krassimire Entchev (Ger/Bulg, Around the yr with Dee Lusby, my experiences regressing bees in S/N Europe, and it's importance for localizing bees)
  • Amalia Haas (Utilizing Culturally-specific lenses to support chem-free beekeeping: the Case Study of Jewish & Honebee Calendars)
  • Dean Deknow/Stiglitz (hive mgt/basic queen rearing)
  • Gregg Tivnan (Reflections of a first year beekeeper)
  • James Fearnley (apiceutical medicines )


The fee for meeting includes: accomodations in Lodges (with up to 6 per room dorm style, each with own bath,....with bring your own sheets/bedding/blankets, w/men separate from women) for $200 per person, plus 6 catered meals, access to all meetings/talks/workshops, snacks/break refreshments, and also a camp liability coverage (form to be filled out). Overflow for accomodations will be usage of cabin units on site, with same fee. Also no fee for vendors other then normal lodging costs for meeting/catered meals/camp liability needs, camp personnel needs, etc. For those not bringing own sheets/bedding/blankets due to plane travel/other, ....rental is available at camp office for approx $10 per person needing.

For more information  visit OrganicBeekeepers at http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/organicbeekeepers/ http://www.groups.yahoo.com/group/organicbeekeepers/ or contact Dee Lusby for information/registration at: 520-398-2474 late eve. For payment of registration per person of $200, due in advance fo attending with check or money order, send to Organic Beekeepers % Dee Lusby, HC 65, Box 7450, Amado, Arizona 85645, WITH stamped self addressed envelope, for returning receipt and more information on YMCA to sender, plus liability/medical form to be filled out. Note: $200 fee is a straight fee whether sleeping/eating at camp or not for covering cost of lodging rented, meeting halls, vendoring/catering, hiring workers, liability insurance, etc during conference. For general information concerning the meeting contacts are Keith Malone (Alaska) 907-688-0588, and Ramona/Dean at 978-407-3934.

Dee Lusby


Our Honey

Oh Honey’s products are completely treatment free, which means that we don’t use any chemicals in the honey or in the beehives. Our honey is always 100% raw.

 Since Oh Honey’s honey is cold extracted and unfiltered, all the best and most valuable parts of the honey (for example, propolis and pollen) remain intact in our products.

 Conventionally produced honey is heated (pasteurized) and filtered, which makes its appearance clear (not cloudy) and delays its crystallization. Filtration removes pollen, while heat kills live enzymes. These processes not only remove valuable nutrients from the honey, but also destroy its more subtle flavors.

 Our honey will naturally crystallize over time to produce a smooth and spreadable texture. Conventionally produced "creamed" honey, on the other hand, is blended with crystals to obtain a creamy texture.

 Because our honey is produced in this natural way, it is chock-full of good stuff! There is some evidence that pollen-rich honey is successful in treating seasonal allergies. Propolis, a substance that bees use to seal their hives and protect them against parasites, has many health-enhancing properties and has been shown to be anti-carcinogenic.